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Everyone is happy. If buying a brand new Blu-ray player is 30 percent cheaper than the market, where is it? To get a special price like this Once bought, he would not be happy with his own good fortune. But how do you feel? If you find that your neighbor can buy the same item for a thousand baht cheaper

The smile that blossomed on the face might immediately shut down after hearing the news. Pride in his own shopping skills would rapidly shrink. The luck that once felt good turned out to be bad. Can not help blame myself for being impatient, hurry to buy first. If you wait another 2-3 days, then do not have to regret this The more I think, the more irritated. I don't want to see the Blu-ray player I bought. If returned, will hurry to take it back Will get a new device that is cheaper

What causes us suffering when this kind of situation happens? In truth, we should be happy to get good cheap products. The item is not damaged or is a fake. Quality is still full. But just because knowing that other people can buy things at a cheaper price We are already suffering. That's because comparing with others causes us suffering.

Likewise When the villagers were given out blankets, everyone was happy. But once he knew that another home received two blankets, he would immediately suffer. Because he only got one piece In truth, how many can be obtained would be glad. Because it's free And before that, there was never a piece But then he suffered more than when he had not received the blanket.

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