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Parents should be careful when children take medicine. Because if children take the medicine incorrectly May have a harmful effect on the health of children.
Young children need to be especially careful with medication.
Dr. Satit Patu-Techa, Deputy Minister of Public Health, said that at the end of the year, the weather changed frequently. The Ministry of Public Health is concerned about the people, especially young children are often unwell. Because the immune system is not working properly Sometimes it is necessary to use medication.
Each medication should be used with caution. Because children are more likely to be harmed by medication easily Drug use in newborns or young children Should be used when there is a disease or showing obvious abnormalities And if not treated, there will be danger to children In newborns that are born prematurely or are born normally When due Drug-destroying enzymes do not have or are few. Kidney function is not complete. The coagulation between the drug and the blood protein or the passing of the drug from the blood into the brain is still defective. Causing the child to respond to drugs differently from adults Giving children the medicine like an adult Therefore may result in abnormal functioning of the internal organs of the child slotxo