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FIVE QUICK NBA THOUGHTS: 1. NBA TV DEAL: The new nine-year, $24 billion deal with Disney and Turner is a major development for the League and its players. Congrats to Commissioner Adam Silver for working out such a lucrative deal. Now hes got what I call a Positive Problem on his hands trying to figure out how to divvy up the extra cash and keep both his players and owners happy. It will be imperative for Silver to connect and find lots of common ground as true partners with the Players Association and their new boss, Michele Roberts. Already hearing lots of chatter about lockouts and strikes. Tuesday was a wonderful day for the growth of the game, exposure of it worldwide and a terrific reward to the owners for the risk they take buying into the business (Yes, any time you buy something you assume lots of risk as well as potential reward) as well as the players who lay it on the line each day as true professionals. Both sides can WIN BIG here as long as overwhelming greed doesnt kick in. Common sense and seeing whats good for the game will hopefully guide both sides to a fair and reasonable solution to that Positive Problem. Both sides have hit the Lottery - dont screw it up! 2. TORONTO RAPTORS: GM Masai Ujiri has been very patient assembling the team and type of organization he wants over the long haul, always with an eye on solid salary cap management. I like that. Steady is the way to go until you can make that defining move. With Landry Fields, Tyler Hansbrough, Amir Johnson, Chuck Hayes, Lou Williams and whomever the 15th man is all off the books next year the Raptors will have approximately $28 million coming off their books. It will be interesting to see how the Raptors and the other 29 teams navigate the market with players potentially looking to sign shorter deals for the true cash in when the Cap rises considerably when the new TV deal kicks in. Might be able to get a major player on shorter and more lucrative deal until the bigger market kicks in. Im sure Ujiri and his staff are crunching lots of numbers and discussing player values today and what they could grow to over time. This could potentially allow bigger markets that havent managed their Cap well to get back in the game quicker due to the excess money. Whatever happens, it always comes back to getting the right players at the right price point and having a strong and disciplined environment with great leadership in place. If you have those qualities, you can win anywhere. Toronto is slowly developing that. Stick to the plan. 3. NIK STAUSKAS (Kings): First impressions are lasting. I think hes going to be a sound pro. After watching him for two games, hes going to be just fine. Is it going to take time for him to figure out how to guard in the league? Yes - definitely. There will be some tough nights early in his career but hes got a discernable skill that resonates consistently. You have a young star in DeMarcus Cousins - you must surround him with skilled perimeter people who can stroke it and he can do that. Hes got a quick first step and he can create off the dribble. Hell figure it out. Growing Pains? Sure - thats a good thing. Hes a dedicated and passionate player who will pay the price and wont be outworked. 4. KENNY FARIED (Nuggets): A five-year, $60 million deal. Based upon the new league television deal and the type of player he is, thats respectable value in the changing climate. Amazing that Im saying that but I think were all going to have to recalibrate our thoughts as they pertain to NBA contracts. You look as well at the contracts that Phoenix gave to Eric Bledsoe and the Morris twins and these teams got in under the wire before the madness begins. Im a fan of Faried - he plays all out and does it all the time. Thats consistency to me. Hes a tenacious rebounder and defender whose offensive game is growing. Hes a winning player in my book and he helped his value in the NBA community with his performances for Team USA. Yes, he has limitations yet he strikes me as a guy that doesnt worry about them. He focuses on what he CAN do and does it well. Most teams would take that in a heartbeat. 5. GREG STIEMSMA (Raptors): Based upon the first two preseason games against the Kings, the Raptors still have issues inside as far as toughness, interior defence and rebounding that have to be addressed with significant improvement. I understand that Patrick Patterson hasnt played yet. If you remember Andray Blatche (this guy isnt even in the league right now - he has lots of talent but questionable maturity - what a shame - hes wasting his talent) giving them headaches in the Playoffs last season its not a good sign of things to come. Im sure Dwane Casey will be getting after his frontcourt guys the rest of the month now that the same flaw is being exposed and has to be fixed. Coach Casey wont tolerate it. Better to have your warts revealed early with plenty of time to fix it than kid yourself that its not an issue. Its an issue. Now as far as Stiemsma is concerned, hes impressed me with his rock solid approach to the game. Very professional. Good teammate with outstanding work ethic. In the battle for the 15th spot hes a guy that brings the Raptors a big and strong physical presence that they sorely need. Hes a solid post defender and rebounder. He takes charges and will get the body on opponents as a screener. Capable guy getting offensive rebounds and so far what Ive seen is hes a sound fit. Not as many moving parts this past summer for the Raptors and thats a welcome development. The guy that makes this team will have to work his tail off to make it. Not an easy roster to make. The internal competition is outstanding and Stiemsma looks like a guy that could help in a very limited role. In my opinion it will be him or Jordan Hamilton (solid player as well - might be a numbers game in his case unless they make a move). The versatility of Lou Williams to play the point guard spot in a pinch allows them to only have to carry two pure points in Kyle Lowry and Greivis Vasquez who will play all the minutes at that spot anyway. Satchel Paige Jersey . Scott scored a career-high 30 points, Jeff Teague added 28 and the Hawks rallied to beat the New York Knicks 107-98 on Saturday night. "We were down Paul, down so many bodies," Scott said. Jeff Burroughs Jersey . a€“ All signs point to the Maple Leafs having their top offseason acquisition in the lineup on opening night. . - San Diego Padres centre fielder Cameron Maybin is going to be out two to three months after rupturing his left biceps tendon during a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday. Ralph Garr Jersey . Sizemore, who turned 29 on Jan. 4, has been limited to six games over the past two seasons because of an injured left knee that twice required surgery. He originally got hurt on Feb. 25, 2012, during a fielding drill in Oaklands first full-squad spring training workout and had surgery that March 21 to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Biff Pocoroba Jersey . -- Josh Smith made a 3-pointer as time expired and finished with 20 points to lift the Detroit Pistons to a 99-98 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday night in both teams exhibition finale.HOUSTON – The setting was an upscale restaurant along Dunedins pristine waterfront. It was the end of the six-week spring training grind. The 25 men who would comprise the Blue Jays opening day roster gathered with coaches, management and high-level members of the ownership hierarchy for the annual start-of-the-season dinner, held this year just prior to the departure to Montreal for two exhibition games. It was at this dinner that Blue Jays president Paul Beeston addressed the club and, according to multiple sources within the organization, pledged to the players that additional money would be made available to acquire assets in-season if they produced a winner. Playing well of late and with a record of 60-50, good for a three-game lead over the Mariners for the American Leagues second wild card spot, if this isnt a winner then its at least the closest the franchise has fielded since the heady days of the early 1990s. Yet, there was nothing at the deadline. Nothing unless you count right-handed hitting infielder Danny Valencia, acquired from the Royals for Erik Kratz and Liam Hendriks on Monday. While Jon Lester (Oakland), David Price (Detroit), Martin Prado (Yankees) and reliever Andrew Miller (Baltimore) changed addresses, the Blue Jays stood pat but the general manager said it wasnt because of budget restrictions. “We absolutely had the financial resources to add at this trade deadline. If we had a deal, obviously we were in dialogue with (president) Paul (Beeston) all the time and certainly hes keeping ownership up to date, any deal that we felt was a good baseball deal, the finances were certainly there for us,” said Alex Anthopoulos. “That has never been a problem and it was just one of those things that we couldnt find a baseball deal that made sense for us and thats really what it came down to.” Its hard to imagine, looking at the deals the Yankees made for Prado and Chase Headley (earlier this month), that finances didnt play a role in the Blue Jays losing out on both. Prado was acquired for Peter OBrien, a former second round pick who was playing at Double-A. Maybe the Jays were scared off by Prados .686 OPS in his age 30 season, a number well off Prados career .764 OPS, suggesting the start of a decline. Theres no doubt the two years and $22-million left on Prados deal would be worrisome, even though hed be an upgrade at second base. Headley was acquired for Yangervis Solarte – considered by the Yankees to be one of those “Quad-A” players, a strong Triple-A player but not someone who can put it together long enough at the big league level – and Rafael De Paula, a 23-year-old pitcher who hasnt sniffed higher than Single-A. Headley has only the prorated amount of his $10.5-million 2014 salary owed. The Jays took a pass. Lester, Price and John Lackey (St. Louis) were each swapped in deals involving big league players going both ways. Anthopoulos wasnt willing to delete from his current roster. A lack of positional prospect depth, rendering the Jays with little to offer other than whats off the big league roster, surely contributed to the quiet day. Dalton Pompey, an outfielder from Mississauga, is the only position player prospect of any consequence playing at Double-A or higher. He currently toils for New Hampshire, having been promoted from Single-A Dunedin earlier this season. You can find reasons – money, contract term, what youd give up, the type of season a guys having, attitude – that would prevent a ballclub from acquiring anyone at anytime. It seems Anthopoulos found them. His top players, including one of the games best, Jose Bautista, and the longest tenured Blue Jay, Casey Janssen, expressed dismay the club wasnt improved. “I just think from an overall perspective of all these teams getting better, we know its going to be a tough time for us,” said Janssen. “One that isnt impossible but were going to have to do everything right. Obviously, we value our prospects, we value our players, Im sure the other teams do as well. Maybe they just vaalue the player or the opportunity to get into the playoffs more.dddddddddddd. It takes something to get something and congratulations to those teams that got those guys. Bautista addressed the media, spent about six minutes with the assembled horde, and used a variation of the word “disappointed” four times. “Of course its a little disappointing that we somehow werent able to get anything done but everybody around us thats in contention, and even some teams that arent in contention like the Red Sox, somehow figured it out,” said Bautista. “Theres still time to get stuff done. Itll be a little more difficult having to put people through the waiver process but its not impossible.” Bautista believed different players would have different reactions. Approached for comment, Mark Buehrle said he didnt know enough about the state of the franchises finances or the depth of its minor league system to offer an educated opinion. He was glad Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez remained in the fold, two potential face-of-the-franchise guys who are as much contributors to the present as they will be in the future. Another player, who will remain nameless, shrugged and muttered an expletive loosely related to bovine excrement. If other teams improved and the Blue Jays didnt the club will have to await the returns of Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnacion and Adam Lind and hope those reinforcements are enough to propel the team to the playoffs. What happens to this team if one of its starting pitchers gets injured is another matter. Todd Redmond could backfill. Then who? Brad Mills? The rotation has held up reasonably well but remember it is trotting out a couple of 23-year-olds (Drew Hutchison, Marcus Stroman) who are entering unchartered territory. “Weve heard 92, 93 and I think were tired of hearing it,” said Janssen. “We want to put our on stamp on Toronto and across baseball. For me in my eight years here, Ive never been this close, never had such an opportunity to make it into the playoffs and I think thats where this excitement level for this trade deadline was. Its finally our time, its finally beating down the door and we wanted to come on the scene as strong as we can. Like I said, it didnt happen, we just have to regroup and go about our business again.” Anthopoulos worked the phones. “We were open minded, you definitely want to hear what other clubs have to say and what ideas they might have to say, but when you start to look at your 25-man, and youre trading some of your best players, to address an area of what might be a weakness, or a need, and youre ultimately creating another weakness, create a hole, it wouldnt make any sense for us,” he said. “We definitely talked to clubs and had dialogue and all that, just didnt find anything that made the club better.” Turning 34 in October, Bautista wants to be afforded the best opportunity to win. Now. If not, well, it seems uncertain what would become of this team in the offseason. “All I can say is it gets to a point for everybodys situation and everybodys job that trying and excuses are not good enough,” said Bautista. “For everybodys sake I hope we all play great from now until the end of the season and Im one of those guys who really wants to win. Ive been playing for a long time and never experienced it.” RASMUS DISCIPLINED Colby Rasmus was originally in Thursday nights starting lineup but, about an hour before the game, he was replaced by Nolan Reimold. The official line was an “internal team decision.” After the game, a 6-5 win over the Astros, manager John Gibbons wouldnt say why Rasmus was benched. The player offered up the reason: tardiness. “I was late getting here to the field,” said Rasmus. “I wasnt here when I was supposed to be here and they punished me as they should have.” Rasmus wife and daughter are with him in Houston. He said he was having lunch with them and then got caught in traffic on his way to Minute Maid Park. ' ' '